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Heir to the Nuclear Throne by MAYGUSTA
Prisoner of War by MAYGUSTA
Mind over Matter by MAYGUSTA
These come with or without shading, and with a solid colour background of your choice. Your characters don't have to be naked. I just love me some clavicles.
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These come cell-shaded, or soft-shaded at no price variation, and with a simple background as seen in the examples. I will only draw women for this particular commission type. The character can be nude, or in underwear (which I am more than happy to design at no extra cost).
Ivanov by MAYGUSTA
Never Desert Me by MAYGUSTA
One Helluva Night by MAYGUSTA
These come with varying styles from very blended, to painterly, to scratchy with no price variation.
CM - Dark-Knights-Dragon 03 by MAYGUSTA
CM - Dark-Knights-Dragon 02 by MAYGUSTA
Jade Posing by MAYGUSTA
These come cell-shaded, or soft-shaded at no price variation, and with a simple background as seen in the examples.
Full Body
Falling Away With You by MAYGUSTA
Glitch in the System by MAYGUSTA
These come cell-shaded, or soft-shaded at no price variation, and with a simple background as seen in the examples.
Wardrobe Meme - Ilka by MAYGUSTA
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dA Journal Meme

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 4:52 PM
Okay, I admit it! I'm bored! Blank can be found here!

1. How did you join deviantART?

How? Or why? I joined by clicking the join button at the top. I joined BECAUSE I wanted to stalk amazing artists and I used to put Evanescence lyrics into the search bar, because I used to love looking at pathetically miserable and gothic stuff online.

2. What does your username have to do with you?
My current username is a blend of Me Gusta (that annoying internet meme), and May - my name.

3. What is your current avatar of?
My current avatar is a crop of an image I did of an OC, Emi.
Glitch in the System by MAYGUSTA

4. How many Watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?
I have 471 watchers, and I watch 1499 other people... yeah...

5. Do you have more than one account?
I have numerous accounts. Maybe seven or eight in total.

6. Name three of your favorite artists on deviantART.
:iconzeronis: :iconjonasdero: :iconnebezial:
I seriously love these guys. I wish I could paint like that.

7. What deviant(s) do you admire because of their personality?
TomPreston tells it how it is. Despite the amount of hate he gets for having his opinion, despite being called white knight, and m'lord, and all kind of derogatory terms, despite not always having the most popular of opinions, he never backs down. If I could be even half as badass as that guy, I'd be happy.
Kawaiiipoop is funny as fuck. I have never met someone so fucking funny in my life. Hands down my best friend in the world. I'm so happy to have her in my life, my life would genuinely be poorer without her.

8. How many deviants do you actually know in real life? Post their avatars.

9. Do you comment, Favourite, or both?
I must admit, I am guilty of fave-and-run tactics, but... I do try to comment if I like something. Back when I was first on deviantART, comments were the norm, and faves were really special. It's kind of reversed, now... but a fave from me is a high honour, believe me!

10. What do you typically post on deviantART?
I post a lot of commissions and original art. I used to post a LOT of fanart, but that kind of thinned out as I started to develop my own ideas. I have actually worked on some fanart recently, so it will be fun to post that.

11. Do you participate in clubs or contests here on deviantART?
I LOVE the clubs/groups on deviantART. It's introduced me to so many new, brilliant artists that I may not have found otherwise. I rarely enter contests, unless I love the idea!

12. What is your most popular deviation -- as in most viewed or most favorited?
My most viewed piece is also the piece with the most comments - and that's an adoptable page. Some of them are still available! /shamelessplugging

Adoptables: Zodiac [OPEN] by MAYGUSTA
My most favourited piece is a fanart of Luka's 'just be friends'.
Just Be Friends by MAYGUSTA

13. What's your favorite submission in your Gallery?
I couldn't pick just one, because I'm stuck up and severely lacking in humility.
Broken Promise by MAYGUSTADawn by MAYGUSTABow to my Iron Will by MAYGUSTAFfion's Demise by MAYGUSTA
1 - I feel like this is my best painted piece in terms of composition, colours, and the consistency of that blood. I seriously haven't been able to get blood to look like that ever since.
2 - for personal reasons, this is one of my favourite pieces. It's pretty simple, and didn't use much technique, but I feel like that only added to the atmosphere I was trying to go for.
3 - I feel like I made a breakthrough with composition in this picture. The flow of that material felt natural and fun, and while I know there is room for improvement, I felt it was a good start.
4 - I love this OC to pieces, and I really wanted to have a go at painting in a sketchy style to try and emulate the children's books I grew up with. While I'm not convinced I succeeded, I still love the outcome of this piece.

14. What are things you wish you could draw better?
I wish I could paint clothes better, and I wish I had better compositional skills. I'd love to be able to paint environments with atmosphere - especially indoor environments, or cityscapes. The only way to get better though, is to practice, right?

15. Do you have a Premium Membership?
I do! I've had a premium membership for so long, I remember when it used to be called a subscription!

16. How many hours a day do you spend on deviantART?
...I leave it on in the background and refresh every few minutes? /shame

17. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
Fast and don't need my eyes on the screen or keyboard.

18. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
"Do you need a tampon?" - no seriously, it's not actually a question, it's a compliment. "You're really talented, I could never be as good as you at art"... No, you're right. You never will be - not with that attitude! You believe it's talent. Art doesn't come to ANYONE easily. It's something we slave over. I drew for over 12 hours EVERY day for the first 4 years (except for when I 'quit' for three months, haha!). Without those initial hours, I never would have progressed. There are artists out there who pick up a pencil and suddenly are amazing (like Ieafy /booooo), but I don't shrug it off as talent. They work their asses off - and telling them that it's just talent - that you couldn't do it, implies that they are on some other level. It implies they didn't fucking struggle and work fucking hard. 

19. What is the most annoying/offending comment you've ever received?

Yes. People really are that fucking stupid and... erurfhkjh!

20. What (or who) inspires you?

Laci Green, Gustav Klimt, Steve Jablonsky, Clint Mansel - and everyone who stares difficulty in the face, and stands up and pushes on. That's pretty fucking inspiring shit.

21. Do you use guidelines when you draw?
Like the golden ration? Sure. I use horizon lines, and perspective grids and stuff. I don't trace though.

22. Do you associate people on deviantART with their icons? Link us to some examples!
I'm actually really awful at remembering people's usernames! I'm much better with faces than names, and the icon is the face of deviantART users, so I remember icons much better than usernames (especially now that people can change their usernames!)... When people change their icons drastically (like fucking :iconaerysette: you smelly poo face!!), I get super confused about who is who.

23. Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?
I've suggested a couple. I only really remember this one.
Where subscriber's money goes by priteeboy

24. Many people have considered leaving deviantART. Have you? Why?
Viva la lolly.

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